What we do

We offer a variety of services which can be selected individually or packaged together into bigger projects and campaigns.

Films and short videos - We create short, philosophical films and videos ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes designed to tell impactful stories, engage audiences, and change narratives.

Photographs - We take beautiful, impactful, high res photographs which can be used for a variety of purposes - from campaigns to social media.

Editorial - We develop, investigate, and write impact stories, articles and long features to be disseminated through your channels or pitched to the media.

Social media content - We craft engaging visual content for your social media channels and campaigns - including pictures, landscape video pills and reels. We also provide copywriting services.

Consultancies - We are available for consultancies to help you strategise and plan how to use content to tell stories in a way to moves people and creates change.

Training -  Besides our filmmaking courses that we run regularly through the year, we offer organisations ad hoc workshops on filmmaking, storytelling and digital content for their staff.

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Our approach

We are a small team
Being a small team helps us minimise the amount of disruption we bring to the communities we’ve come to film. All photography and videography is done by one person, with minimal kit (a steady cam, a drone and sound recording equipment) making the filming process as organic and less invasive as possible, while giving us legroom to adapt to changing circumstances.

We know what we are talking about
We have decades of experience on the field and solid knowledge of issues related to food, agriculture and land. We understand the dynamics at play which means we can work with you to find the best way to tell each story.

It’s not about us
Our films, photographs and narratives have very little to do with us: they are not just stories, they are someone’s life. Each time we visit a community, we try to leave behind digital and hard copies of some of the material we collected, for the communities to keep and use as they please.

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