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Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is a self taught photographer and filmmaker with more than 20 year of experience working on a variety of issues around land, food and agriculture. For most of his career he has been base in Asia working with a huge diversity of organisations and communities with his primary focus on understanding better ways to communicate issues that on the surface seem complex but in reality are quite simple and to strip away the negative elements of a story and present an emotionally-driven and honest narrative from the communities effected by negative externalities.
Now back in Goa, India, he continues to develop his techniques in story telling, making films and teaching others how simple good filmmaking can really be. 
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Camilla Capasso

Camilla Capasso is a journalist, content creator, and communications consultant with a decade of experience focusing on food, land, climate, and gender justice. Over the years, she’s been collaborating with international organizations, NGOs, and UN agencies, helping them better communicate their impact through uplifting, compassionate, and compelling storytelling. After spending several years in the UK, Camilla is now back in Italy, where she continues to write and communicate about the people and communities at the forefront of today’s most pressing issues. 
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