the source project
The Source project is a self-funded venture looking to create media that positively connect and communicate some of the most important issues being faced by our environment and as a result by our societies and cultures. Agriculture is central to everything: our health, environment, resources, culture, work and security. It is the essence of life. Over the coming decade, we will experience the most fundamental changes to our agricultural systems and our future food security.
Indigenous communities living with their land are the source of all knowledge and It is their knowledge that we need preserve, document and communicate to a global population who have become absolutely disconnected from the source of our food.

The films and images are licensed as creative commons so people, communities can use and share them as long as the project has no commercial connection. It's about beginning to change the way the conventional media works and therefore changing the way we interact with our subject and audience. This project is funded and produced by Chintan Gohil and Jason Taylor. If you are interested in using any of the work for non-profit or non-commercial use, please feel free to contact us.

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